11.26.14 Rohrer Corporation Selects CMS WorldLink As Their Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 at 3:56PM
Richard Ortiz

Lorton, VA | CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today that Rohrer Corporation, a US based company with locations in Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona and Pennsylvania has selected CMS GlobalSoft’s WorldLink application as its multi-carrier shipping solution.

About Rohrer Corporation

Rohrer Corporation is bound to their promise of total customer satisfaction. As a result of their comprehensive services and business practices, they have become the country’s biggest producer of skin and blister packaging and the largest supplier of visual carded packaging.

They are a dynamic and well-established company and employer that applies eco-friendly practices to all aspects of their operations. They have an environmentally-conscious background that didn’t begin because of a movement; they have been doing the green thing for years. 

About CMS GlobalSoft, Inc.

Headquartered in Virginia, CMS GlobalSoft Inc., was founded in 1988 as a company supporting high-end shipping applications. CMS’ extensive industry knowledge, seasoned technical expertise and passion for customer focus have resulted in strong and progressive growth in recent years and earned the company its reputation as an industry leader in transportation logistics.

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