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May 8, 2017

Young Living processes over one million orders in a single month using CMS WorldLink XI. 

In May 2017, Martin Southwick, Director of Transportation for Young Living, based in Lehi, Utah, announced that for the first-time ever Young Living has surpassed one million orders processed within any single month on the CMS GlobalSoft’ s WorldLink Enterprise shipping application.  more »   

April 22, 2017

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. recently completed its 2017 User Conference on April 9-12 in Sonoma, CA. 

The conference provided an opportunity for learning, collaborating and networking for customers.  more »   

November 15, 2016

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announces their first WorldLink Xi customer shipping from India. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today, they have their first WorldLink Xi customer shipping from India. With the addition of India, WorldLink Xi is now used for shipping from ten countries worldwide. more »   

November 9, 2016

CMS WorldLink Xi Becomes FedEx FSMS Version 16 Certified. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today, that after a very rigorous certification and testing process, their flagship product, CMS WorldLink Xi, has now been certified for use with FedEx Ship Manager (FSMS) version 16. more »   

December 15, 2015

CMS WorldLink Xi Becomes FedEx FSMS Version 15 Certified. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today, that after a very rigorous certification and testing process, their flagship product, CMS WorldLink Xi, has now been certified from FedEx for immediate deployment of FedEx Ship Manager (FSMS) version 15. more »   

May 21, 2015

CMS GlobalSoft announces distribution license agreement with FedEx for CMS Carrier Connector. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announces a distribution license agreement between FedEx Corporation and CMS GlobalSoft for its product, CMS Carrier Connector, which supports an interface to either FedEx Web Services or FedEx FSMS premise-based software more »   

March 5, 2015

CMS GlobalSoft announces the launch of CMS Carrier Connector. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced the launch of the CMS Carrier Connector. CMS Carrier Connector is a state-of-the-are certification engine tool, specifically designed for developers wishing to link an existing application to one or more shipping carrier APIs. more »   

November 26, 2014

Rohrer Corporation selects CMS WorldLink as their multi-carrier shipping solution. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today that Rohrer Corporation, a US based company with locations in Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona and Pennsylvania has selected CMS GlobalSoft’s WorldLink application as its multi-carrier shipping solution. more »   

March 11, 2014

Renishaw selects CMS WorldLink as their Global Supply Chain Shipping Execution Software. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today that Renishaw, a global company with headquarters in the UK and with more than 60 offices in 32 countries, has selected CMS GlobalSoft’s WorldLink application as their supply chain shipping execution software for worldwide deployment.  more »   

March 10, 2014

CMS GlobalSoft announces 2014 User Conference.

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. today announced its 2014 User Conference.  The conference will be held October 13 & 14, at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  For this year’s event, CMS has developed an expansive agenda with training workshops, best-practice sessions, customer case studies, general sessions with CMS’s leadership team, and keynote speakers.  more »

June 18, 2013

CMS WorldLink is FedEx Version 12 Certified.

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today, that after a very rigorous certification and testing process, their flagship product, CMS WorldLink, has now been certified from FedEx for immediate deployment of both their FedEx Ship Manager (FSMS) version 12 and their FedEx Web Service product.  more »

May 7, 2013

FedEx Releases CMS GlobalSoft / ProPack Case Study

FedEx released on May 5, 2013 a CMS GlobalSoft/ProPack case study that will be posted on their FedEx Sales Solutions teams training site and  FedEx Customer Integration Technical consultants websites. Their  websites are visible to over 8000 FedEx employees that make customer recommendations daily.  more » 

November 12, 2012

ACS selects CMS WorldLink as their Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution

A national healthcare company focused on creating a comprehensive "Total Patient Care" mode for patients on bitotech therapies. With extensive experience in the management and dispensing of specialty medications and oral oncology products, ACS is at the forefront of the industry in the development of leading edge products and services for patients requiring complex therapies.  more »

May 1, 2012

Colomer, world leader in the beauty and hair-care sector, selects CMS WorldLink as their Transportation Management System

The Colomer Group is a world leader in the beauty and hair-care sector. With headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) and New York (USA), they currently have 18 subsidiaries around the world, research and development centers, a large number of training centers and a strong distribution network present in over 100 countries.  more »

FDA Compliance, Simplified Shipping

For more than 25 years, Boston Scientific has advanced the practice of less-invasive medicine by providing a broad and deep portfolio of innovative products, technologies and services across a wide range of medical specialties. Today, with more than 25,000 employees and 26 manufacturing, distribution and technology centers, Boston Scientific is a market leader in less-invasive medical devices delivering more than 13,000 products to clinicians in over 45 countries.

Boston Scientific's Challenges

Boston Scientific’s transportation logistics management faced various hurdles, including:

  • Strict FDA regulation
    Because of the kinds of products the company manufactures, Boston Scientific is highly regulated by the FDA. These regulations seep into all facets of the company’s business, including its shipping operations. Lack of compliance can result in a business shut-down until compliance is restored.
  • FedEx compliance
    The company ships up to 10,000 daily packages and is one of FedEx’s highest-volume East Coast shippers. The medical device manufacturer elected to use FedEx Ship Manager Server as its compliance engine for the carrier. Therefore, any new shipping solution would need to be compatible with the FedEx compliance engine.
  • SAP Interface
    New shipping solution needed to integrate with SAP interface.

"Boston Scientific depends on CMS WorldLink to ensure efficient shipping management and FDA compliance. Because of the nature of many of the shipments — like heart catheters being shipped to meet patients’ scheduled surgery dates — this manufacturer cannot afford shipping mistakes; on-time delivery is a must."

Wil Fekeci
President, CMS GlobalSoft

The Solution

By implementing CMS WorldLink (a multi-carrier shipping solution) and the e-Motion add-on module, Boston Scientific has overcome the many challenges related to strict FDA compliance.

  • Simplified shipping processes
    To avoid FDA or delivery problems, Boston Scientific required a high level of customization to simplify its shipping processes. In turn, the company used CMS WorldLink’s existing user documentation as a springboard to create highly detailed supply-chain documentation extending well beyond CMS WorldLink’s functionality. These efforts resulted in a flattened learning curve for new shippers.
  • FedEx Ship Manager Server compatibility
    As a multi-carrier shipping solution and a FedEx certified solution partner, CMS WorldLink offered Boston Scientific several key advantages including FedEx compliance, FedEx Express and Ground shipping services to all US and international locations, high-speed processing, a dedicated connection between its warehouse and FedEx operations giving the company enhanced security and the opportunity to bypass the Internet and its real-world traffic.
  • Productivity enhancements
    With up to 64 daily shippers, the Per-user shipping activity reports generated by CMS WorldLink provide management with the ability to monitor per-user activity. Productivity reports include number of shipments per user, route, and customer. Additionally, CMS WorldLink monitors supply usage of cartons and boxes (by specific DIM size). When supplies drop below prescribed levels, CMS WorldLink alerts employees of the need to restock.

The Outcome

CMS WorldLink allows Boston Scientific to meet its extraordinary shipping needs in a very straightforward and highly efficient manner, saving time, resources and money.

"Despite stringent FDA requirements Boston Scientific must comply with, the implementation of CMS WorldLink has simplified the company’s shipping processes enterprise-wide."

Wil Fekeci
President, CMS GlobalSoft

Add-on module in use by Boston Scientific today

CMS WorldLink’s e-Motion module is the industry’s first enterprise, in-motion shipping application that weighs, labels, manifests, and sorts parcels. For packages requiring labels, e-Motion’s sophisticated technology manages a stunning 1,200 to 1,500 packages per hour on a single conveyor belt – and there are no limitations on the number of conveyors e-Motion can manage.
ROI: A hands-free environment allowing you to ship large quantities at a rapid speed without human intervention, thus allowing for reduced labor costs.

To download the complete case study, click here.