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January 11, 2018

CMS GlobalSoft achieves FedEx Compatible Gold Status. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today, that they are proud to have achieved FedEx Compatible Gold Status for 2018.   

December 12, 2017

CMS WorldLink Xi Becomes FedEx Version 17 Certified. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today, that after a very rigorous certification and testing process, their flagship product, CMS WorldLink Xi, has now been certified for use with FedEx Ship Manager (FSMS) and FedEx Web Services version 17.   

May 8, 2017

Young Living processes over one million orders in a single month using CMS WorldLink XI. 

In May 2017, Martin Southwick, Director of Transportation for Young Living, based in Lehi, Utah, announced that for the first-time ever Young Living has surpassed one million orders processed within any single month on the CMS GlobalSoft’ s WorldLink Enterprise shipping application.  more »   

April 22, 2017

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. recently completed its 2017 User Conference on April 9-12 in Sonoma, CA. 

The conference provided an opportunity for learning, collaborating and networking for customers.  more »   

November 15, 2016

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announces their first WorldLink Xi customer shipping from India. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today, they have their first WorldLink Xi customer shipping from India. With the addition of India, WorldLink Xi is now used for shipping from ten countries worldwide. more »   

November 9, 2016

CMS WorldLink Xi Becomes FedEx FSMS Version 16 Certified. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today, that after a very rigorous certification and testing process, their flagship product, CMS WorldLink Xi, has now been certified for use with FedEx Ship Manager (FSMS) version 16. more »   

December 15, 2015

CMS WorldLink Xi Becomes FedEx FSMS Version 15 Certified. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today, that after a very rigorous certification and testing process, their flagship product, CMS WorldLink Xi, has now been certified from FedEx for immediate deployment of FedEx Ship Manager (FSMS) version 15. more »   

May 21, 2015

CMS GlobalSoft announces distribution license agreement with FedEx for CMS Carrier Connector. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announces a distribution license agreement between FedEx Corporation and CMS GlobalSoft for its product, CMS Carrier Connector, which supports an interface to either FedEx Web Services or FedEx FSMS premise-based software more »   

March 5, 2015

CMS GlobalSoft announces the launch of CMS Carrier Connector. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced the launch of the CMS Carrier Connector. CMS Carrier Connector is a state-of-the-are certification engine tool, specifically designed for developers wishing to link an existing application to one or more shipping carrier APIs. more »   

November 26, 2014

Rohrer Corporation selects CMS WorldLink as their multi-carrier shipping solution. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today that Rohrer Corporation, a US based company with locations in Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona and Pennsylvania has selected CMS GlobalSoft’s WorldLink application as its multi-carrier shipping solution. more »   

March 11, 2014

Renishaw selects CMS WorldLink as their Global Supply Chain Shipping Execution Software. 

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today that Renishaw, a global company with headquarters in the UK and with more than 60 offices in 32 countries, has selected CMS GlobalSoft’s WorldLink application as their supply chain shipping execution software for worldwide deployment.  more »   

March 10, 2014

CMS GlobalSoft announces 2014 User Conference.

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. today announced its 2014 User Conference.  The conference will be held October 13 & 14, at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  For this year’s event, CMS has developed an expansive agenda with training workshops, best-practice sessions, customer case studies, general sessions with CMS’s leadership team, and keynote speakers.  more »

June 18, 2013

CMS WorldLink is FedEx Version 12 Certified.

CMS GlobalSoft, Inc. announced today, that after a very rigorous certification and testing process, their flagship product, CMS WorldLink, has now been certified from FedEx for immediate deployment of both their FedEx Ship Manager (FSMS) version 12 and their FedEx Web Service product.  more »

May 7, 2013

FedEx Releases CMS GlobalSoft / ProPack Case Study

FedEx released on May 5, 2013 a CMS GlobalSoft/ProPack case study that will be posted on their FedEx Sales Solutions teams training site and  FedEx Customer Integration Technical consultants websites. Their  websites are visible to over 8000 FedEx employees that make customer recommendations daily.  more » 

November 12, 2012

ACS selects CMS WorldLink as their Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution

A national healthcare company focused on creating a comprehensive "Total Patient Care" mode for patients on bitotech therapies. With extensive experience in the management and dispensing of specialty medications and oral oncology products, ACS is at the forefront of the industry in the development of leading edge products and services for patients requiring complex therapies.  more »

May 1, 2012

Colomer, world leader in the beauty and hair-care sector, selects CMS WorldLink as their Transportation Management System

The Colomer Group is a world leader in the beauty and hair-care sector. With headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) and New York (USA), they currently have 18 subsidiaries around the world, research and development centers, a large number of training centers and a strong distribution network present in over 100 countries.  more »

Beyond Upgrades 

The Applied Biosystems Group (NYSE: ABI), an Applera Corporation division serving the life science industry and research community, has demonstrated its position as a technology leader and driving force in the changing dynamics of the life science marketplace.

Case Study Overview

Rapid growth due to changing dynamics, continuous innovation and increasing global operations will challenge the business processes of even the best organizations. During times of growth and expansion, maximizing logistical and supply chain strengths while maintaining efficiencies can be an enterprise-wide challenge impacting all aspects of systems administration throughout an organization.

The Applied Biosystems Group faced such a challenge. The company, with an installed base of approximately 180,000 instrument systems in nearly 100 countries, was unable to effectively keep up with the increased, global demand of its products due to the company’s dependence on sorely dated, uncentralized and disparate transportation management systems. Their reliance of such systems hindered everything from the ability to access accurate and timely data, the shipment of dangerous goods and overall customer service and fulfillment levels.

Enter CMS GlobalSoft. Applied Biosystems exited its obsolete transportation management solution and deployed CMS WorldLink, a browser-based, transportation managment solution designed to centralize and simplify transportation management processes.

We needed a flexible solution that would allow us both the room to grow and the ability to make future changes to business processes as needed. CMS WorldLink allowed us the flexibility we needed to govern our global shipping systems with scalability and ease.

David Windsheimer
Senior Director of Global Logistics, Applied Biosystems

Applied Biosystems Challenges

Outdated shipping systems caused years of inefficiently-related expenditures & opportunity costs
Applied Biosystems had endured years of inefficiency in its shipping management. These inefficiencies resulted in millions of dollars of lost opportunities for the company. Motivated by the promise of enhanced productivity and multi-million dollar cost savings, Applied Biosystems set out to overhaul their company-wide shipping processes from the ground up.

The company’s vast transportation logistics makeover began by addressing numerous business processes and technology needs in an effort to do away with obsolete systems and dated infrastructure. In their extensive effort to accurately define their requirements, Applied Biosystems determined one of the many mission-critical goals of any newly implemented shipping system would require the centralization of consistent, accurate and timely data that could be accessed from any location, 24 x 7.

The need for more standardization
In addition to accessing centralized data with ease, Applied Biosystems also needed to eliminate inconsistencies in its worldwide transportation management processes. Because staff were attempting to access data and important logistical information from disparate systems, processes and shipping management services were fraught with inefficiencies that routinely cost the company thousands of wasted dollars. Standardizing and simplifying both processes and technology became a priority to improve global distribution of Applied Biosystems human health, research technologies and diagnostic products to the international marketplace.

The Perfect Fit

Applied Biosystems selected CMS GlobalSoft’s shipping management solution, CMS WorldLink, as the company’s enterprise-wide global transportation logistics tool. CMS WorldLink simplified company-wide shipping systems by allowing Applied Biosystems to standardize its shipping processes and systems configurations across numerous warehouses based on its own needs and criteria. While the tool allows for customization for site-specific needs, the standardization has allowed Applied Biosystems to do away with the inconsistencies and resource-consuming customizations of its past.

In addition to standardization, CMS WorldLink is a browser-accessible live system, allowing Applied Biosystems logistics managers and team members alike to access vital shipping data when needed, no matter their location.

Moreover, by integrating their own business rules with the additional “E-Motion” and “Dangerous Goods Packaging” modules, Applied Biosystems has successfully overcome carrier hurdles, eliminated user labeling errors and increased package throughput to its many worldwide delivery destinations. Due to the biological nature of some of the company’s products, the “Dangerous Goods Packaging” module further allows the company to readily prepare a dangerous goods manifest per carrier requirements.

A More Effective Global Company

Applied Biosystems abandoned its obsolete transportation management system riddled with incompatible data and deployed CMS WorldLink, a browser-based, enterprise-wide, application-based solution designed to centralize business-critical data, simplify transportation management processes, cut costs and create real-value efficiencies within global shipping systems. To date, Applied Biosystems has enjoyed million-dollar cost savings year after year since its implementation of CMS WorldLink, a robust transportation managment solution. As the company continues to grow, it continues to manage its expanded global shipping operations via CMS WorldLink. Significant savings in time, money and resources have made CMS WorldLink an invaluable shipping management tool, allowing the company to better administer the worldwide distribution of its human health and biotechnology products throughout Europe, Asia and beyond!

To download the complete case study, click here.